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The success of any training material, LMS and learning content relies heavily on how well the system or learning material is accepted by the learners. Additionally, the eLearning and blended learning modes are both demanding strategic adoption of innovative pedagogies and new ways of designing and delivering content that engages and empowers learners.

Skills Academia offers institutions, colleges and educators a range of education consultancy services, including but not limited to course review and quality assurance, eLearning benchmarking and addressing existing gaps in content and delivery, content development, LMS design and educational animations that engage and empower learners.

Skills Academia can also assist organisations with capacity building and creating a culture of learning and development. We utilise qualitative and quantitative measures to assess the current situation and begin creating a learning culture that is aligned with the client's vision, values and long-term goals.

A culture of learning, or learning culture, is one in which employees continuously seek, share, and apply new knowledge and skills to improve individual and organisational performance. The importance of the pursuit and application of learning is expressed in organisational values and permeates all aspects of organisational life. (Talent Development, 2022)

Content DevelopmentEngaging LMS DesignEducational Animations

There are many creative ways to make learning content more engaging for learners and increase LMS user engagement. Educational videos, explainer animations and storytelling are among the most effective ways to make learning enjoyable. A storyline approach can make a lesson more relatable and easier to understand. This is what Skills Academia promises to its clients; creating engaging study content, training material, and an engaging, meaningful, and fun online learning environment.

At Skills Academia, we say, “No job is too big for us, and no jobs are too small” because we have the capability, the passion and appropriate resources to deliver both.

Olympic athletes have coaches. Why? These athletes are stellar, but a coach provides challenge and support to push their performance to the next level. Similarly, Academic Coaching at Skills Academia helps students improve their performance. Coaching can be helpful for both high performing and underperforming students. Students appreciate the dedicated time spent each week or every fortnight discussing academics and goal setting with a professional who can provide comprehensive and constructive feedback and coaching support.

However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.

Stephen Hawking

For transitioning students, the new school, college or university environment comes with its own set of challenges. It’s like going from playing Monopoly to Risk. Students have to learn a new set of academic rules and strategies to “win the game”; strategies that professional academic coaches help students hone. Academic Coaching at Skills Academia uses a strength-based approach. We focus on what students are already good at and capitalise on those skills. Through motivational interviewing, open-ended questions, and a personalised, holistic approach, we support students as they navigate the school, college or university environment. As students have different strengths and challenges, topics discussed in consultations will vary. Common subjects talked about in Academic Coaching consultations include, but are not limited to:

  • Study Skills
  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Learning Strategies
  • Test and Presentation Anxiety
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Navigating Work-Study Life
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Community Involvement & Career Advancement Opportunities
  • Transition into and out of TAFE, College, University

Academic coaching consultations are a space to reflect on your current habits and past experiences and to create goals and action plans to be a successful student.

We specialise in working with students and professionals in various fields at all career levels, including Managers, Executives, Academics, Students, Solo-entrepreneurs / Small Business Owners looking for balance, stability or transition and advancement in their careers/business. Students, recent graduates and professionals who are in the process of a career change or those re-entering the workforce can benefit from a combined career and business coaching programme, which will help them establish professional goals, create a plan and overcome obstacles that may be in the way. Our Range Of Career and Business Coaching Services Includes:
  • Career Assessment and Discovery
  • Small Business / Entrepreneur Planning
  • Portfolio Development (Professional Brand, Resume, Online Profile)
  • Employment/Job Preparation
  • Applying for Academic \ Higher Education Jobs
  • Social Media Strategy (Social Media Training, Support and Deployment)

Here at Skills Academia, our professional business coaching and personal development coaching consultations and workshops are all about you and your future. We provide our proven tools, and you take the ones you’re excited about back to your business and get to work applying them. We’re there to support you in any way we can, and we’ll be there celebrating your successes, but we’re not a motivational coaching business (we know you’re already motivated).

Entrepreneurial opportunities are available in every sector of the economy to people with any educational and professional background. From recent graduates, athletes, architects, artists, engineers, and academics to healthcare professionals and people from different walks of life– our personal development, business and entrepreneurial coaching and training consultations can help you transform a business idea into a thoughtful plan of action.

Specialist Research Training, Coaching and Mentoring for PhD scholars and early career researchers.

You've likely experienced, in some form or other, a successful mentoring relationship. Perhaps it was an older sibling who took you under their wing, a teacher at school who helped guide your career or a more experienced colleague at work who showed you the ropes.

Skills Academia's research training, PhD mentoring and thesis coaching solutions offer one-to-one coaching and group workshop opportunities to help junior researchers, graduate school and PhD students with a range of issues, from the general stresses that arise while completing a PhD to more specific and technical challenges that a student may be confronting.

Training is available on qualitative and quantitative data analysis skills and thesis writing. Clients also receive career development and post-PhD life coaching and guidance in a personalised and confidential fashion. Coaching is a confidential process that allows you to speak to someone from outside of your university or academic department.

About Skills Academia

Skills Academia is an Australian owned and operated boutique education consultancy proudly supporting the Australian education sector. Skills Academia provides a range of services including but not limited to subject review and quality assurance, design and development of learning content and learning management system (LMS), development of whiteboard and explainer animations and educational videos, capacity building and creation of learning culture within organisations, and a range of support services that are explicitly designed to support learners and enhance their chances of academic and career success.

Skills Academia aims to enhance the joy of learning and offer more affordable and accessible solutions that engage and empower learners, educators, and employers anywhere in Australia and beyond.

Founder's Message

Pricing & Fees

Pricing may be at an hourly or flat rate. This is because the skills and time required for each project vary depending on different clients' needs.

Please call and request a quote or inquire about our eLearning solutions, content development, educational animation and education consulting services. Our coaching and training sessions can be both delivered online and on our/your premises. Pricing is tailored to meet the needs of our valued clients. Workshops and on-site training, and educational events will be designed according to your requirements, goals and aligned with your vision. Students who are experiencing severe hardship due to the pandemic are provided 1 x 45 minutes of free coaching, mentoring, or academic skills support (subject to availability).

At-Risk Learners

Learners may face not only academic hurdles but issues outside the learning journey as well. We are non-judgemental and free from discrimination.

Educational leaders understand that every aspect of a person's life can impact their ability to learn and succeed in study life. There are numerous circumstances that tend to put young and adult learners at risk. Family-related factors and college or workplace-related factors are among them. We take pride in our positive psychology-driven engagement strategies at Skills Academia. We are inclusive and non-judgmental. We support at-risk learners by offering confidential and evidence-based coaching consultations. Our holistic approach provides support that looks at the whole person, not just their educational or mental health needs.

Research & PhDs

Research training, research capacity building, PhD mentoring, and co-advisory services are now available online and in person.

There is perhaps no better way to encourage students to progress with their dissertation, to connect current PhD candidates with alumni and people from other research institutions, to support academics and researchers in their professional development, and revive community life at your institution than starting a mentoring program Skills Academia can assist with designing and delivering PhD mentoring programs, methodological training and motivational workshops in your faculty or institution. One-on-one thesis coaching, PhD mentoring and co-advisory are also available to support HDR candidates.

COVID Safe Business

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Skills Academia is taking additional measures and further steps to ensure the health and safety of its clients.

While our eLearning, education consulting, coaching, mentoring, academic skills training and academic support services are predominantly delivered in blended mode, we have temporarily transitioned to offering some of our services, consultations and training programs virtually. We are also closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and comply with restrictions and guidelines. We follow the Australian Government's advice/updates on all COVID-19 related matters. For the latest official coronavirus news, updates and news directly from the Australian Government we ask you to kindly visit

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January 22, 2021

Mentors supporting PhD candidates’ success

"I’m nearly done with my PhD, and I can’t bring myself to finish what’s left. I’ve never felt burnout like this before". This statement from a PhD candidate is among thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of similar statements, that shed light on the level of psychological pressure, at times, unbearable frustration, and most commonly a great responsibility that rests on PhD students' shoulders. A PhD is probably the biggest single project you have ever undertaken, and it has its own peculiar problems...
January 18, 2021

COVID-19 and Students’ Mental Health

There are already a number of studies which have explored the impact of COVID-19 on student education and well-being. One study reported that approximately 25% of their sample reported experiencing anxiety symptoms, which were positively correlated with increased concerns about academic delays, economic effects of the pandemic, and impacts on daily life. Additionally, it can be said that while the economic effects of the pandemic...
October 6, 2020

Watch Out for Unhealthy Social Media Habits

Social media allows people to create online identities, communicate with others and build social networks. These networks can provide young people with valuable support, especially helping those who experience exclusion or have disabilities or chronic illnesses. However, excessive social media use can negatively affect young people, distracting them, disrupting their sleep, and exposing them to bullying, rumor spreading, unrealistic views of other people's lives and peer pressure.
January 4, 2020

Personal Development: A Lifelong Process

Personal development is a lifelong process. In general, it involves identifying skills and qualities, setting goals, identifying new opportunities for growth, and creating a path to improvement through skills you have or those you wish to develop. Many people lack a sense of self-awareness that will allow them to create a mission statement for their life. By focusing on self development, you engage with who are you and who you want to become, laying out exactly what you hope...