Proudly supporting meaningful and engaging learning and passionately advocating for student success

Our History

In the first quarter of 2020, Skills Academia was established out of a deep desire to support quality education in Australia.

Particularly to reach out and provide academic skills training, employability coaching, and research training to students from underprivileged backgrounds or facing extreme distress due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In parallel with this, Skills Academia integrated eLearning, curriculum, instructional design and quality assurance solutions into its services to support educators, institutions, and organisations in enhancing their learning material quality and bringing attractive and engaging learning resources and LMS strategies into their existing pedagogy. Skills Academia thrives on growing and supporting its valued clients across Australia based on this solid foundation.

  • Our services are provided in both online and blended delivery modes (in-person & online).
  • Skills Academia is agile. We act quickly, anticipate, learn and adapt continuously.
  • Skills Academia is inclusive. We embrace differences. We support learners with disability and support gender diversity, intersex and sexual diversity.
  • We value confidentiality and privacy. We do everything possible to protect all clients' confidential data and privacy.

Message from the Founder

Thanks for visiting Skills Academia. The year 2020 and 2021 have been a time of great stress and uncertainty. It is also a moment in time we need to remain positive, hopeful, and optimistic.

As the founder of Skills Academia, an academic and researcher, my specialties lie in assisting with the design and development of engaging eLearning resources, conducting audits and identifying critical gaps, pedagogical and delivery inconsistencies, and designing and delivering engaging educational training workshops, and leading positive change initiatives in the education and business context.

Here at Skills Academia, I have the pleasure of having access to a network of associates, entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers that together we adopt a multidisciplinary and agile approach to bringing innovation into pedagogy, improving learner engagement, designing and delivering best-in-class training, coaching and mentoring programs, building capacity and creating a culture of learning, and delivering measurable outcomes to meet the needs of a diverse group of clients.

It will be an immense pleasure for Skills Academia to partner with you to support your vision, values and projects. I look forward to meeting you online or in-person in the near future.

Welcome to Skills Academia.

We also support scholarly research and train, coach and mentor researchers and PhD scholars

Attrition rates and time to completion of PhD and MPhil candidates has internationally become the concern of governments, universities and the candidates themselves.

Attrition would seem to be of greater concern for both the candidate personally and the university, whereas extended candidature leading to completion may be seen as a problem only for the university, carrying financial penalties within the RTS. Here at Skills Academia, we are committed to playing our part and making a difference by providing quality professional coaching, mentoring and academic skills training to support research candidates in the timely and successful completion of their research projects.