January 22, 2021

Mentors supporting PhD candidates’ success

"I’m nearly done with my PhD, and I can’t bring myself to finish what’s left. I’ve never felt burnout like this before". This statement from a PhD candidate is among thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of similar statements, that shed light on the level of psychological pressure, at times, unbearable frustration, and most commonly a great responsibility that rests on PhD students' shoulders. A PhD is probably the biggest single project you have ever undertaken, and it has its own peculiar problems...
January 18, 2021

COVID-19 and Students’ Mental Health

There are already a number of studies which have explored the impact of COVID-19 on student education and well-being. One study reported that approximately 25% of their sample reported experiencing anxiety symptoms, which were positively correlated with increased concerns about academic delays, economic effects of the pandemic, and impacts on daily life. Additionally, it can be said that while the economic effects of the pandemic...
October 6, 2020

Watch Out for Unhealthy Social Media Habits

Social media allows people to create online identities, communicate with others and build social networks. These networks can provide young people with valuable support, especially helping those who experience exclusion or have disabilities or chronic illnesses. However, excessive social media use can negatively affect young people, distracting them, disrupting their sleep, and exposing them to bullying, rumor spreading, unrealistic views of other people's lives and peer pressure.
January 4, 2020

Personal Development: A Lifelong Process

Personal development is a lifelong process. In general, it involves identifying skills and qualities, setting goals, identifying new opportunities for growth, and creating a path to improvement through skills you have or those you wish to develop. Many people lack a sense of self-awareness that will allow them to create a mission statement for their life. By focusing on self development, you engage with who are you and who you want to become, laying out exactly what you hope...