Frequently Asked Questions

    1Do you provide your programmes and workshops on our school/college/university premises?
    Yes. While our programmes are primarily delivered online, depending on the programme, whether be intensive in-person one-on-one, on-going one-on-one, or groups, workshop and seminars, we can deliver our services on your own premises. Please email us to arrange a Zoom or telephone call to discuss details.
    2Do I have to hold Australian citizenship to benefit from your services?
    NO. Our services are available to domestic and international students currently studying or intending to enrol at an Australian educational institution. Whether you are currently studying or planning to enrol into TAFE, College, University programs, you can benefit from our services and available support. We treat all clients equally and don't discriminate based on nationality, ethnicity, colour, gender etc. We are enthusiastic to support you because we firmly believe that the world will be a better place to live when more people receiving a quality education, training and support.
    3 Is there an age limit to apply for your coaching and mentoring programmes?
    NO. Skills Academia welcomes students. We warmly welcome research candidates, postgraduate, undergraduate and TAFE students as well as Year 10, 11 and 12 high school students who require coaching, mentoring and skills training support. Please note we do not provide our services to clients who are under the age of 15 unless their parent or an adult guardian provides consent and we may require them to accompany the stduent during consultations.
    4I am a PhD student. Do you write my Dissertation or Masters/PhD Proposal for me?
    NO. Here at Skills Academia, we edit and provide comprehensive feedback on your work, but in no circumstances we write any part of your Thesis/Dissertation, Proposal, or Assessments for you. However, we provide you effective coaching, mentoring and one-on-one quality support to not only equip you with the appropriate skills to succeed in your projects but to brainstorm, discuss ideas and possibilities, provide insights and feedback with relation to risks, limitations and weaknesses of your writing or projects that you require assistance with. From that point on, we work with you and provide guidance and support to achieve the desired outcome. Additionally, your coaching and mentoring sessions are highly goal-driven and your specific targets and goals will be met with your own commitment and enthusiasm in the process, and with our expertise and unconditional support to assist you to successfully achieve those goals and objectives. You will feel empowered and genuinely proud of what you have achieved, and that is precisely what inspires us to support you throughout your academic journey.
    5How do I establish and maintain a PhD mentoring relationship inside and outside the university?
    There are many things to consider when selecting a mentor or coach, including your own needs and preferred style of learning. You can make an attempt to find a mentor (co-supervisor, coach or mentor) within your university. Faculty mentors vary in terms of their availability, communication styles, expectations for student productivity, involvement in co-authorship of publications/presentations/creative works with graduate students, and their own skills and interests within a discipline and PhD projects. You can also choose to have an external mentor or coach (often a qualified academic and facilitator) from outside your university. This relationship is considered as a professional mentoring, coaching and advising relationship to support your progress and success. Here at Skills Academia, even though all our consultations are highly confidential, we still encourage you to discuss with your principal supervisor to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding. Most PhD supervisors support you to access a professional academic and an expert personal development coach outside the university to work with you to increase your success rate.
    6I have already begun writing my PhD/MPhil initial proposal. Is Proposal Writing Bootcamp for me?
    Yes, this Bootcamp is helpful at all stages of the process. Whether you are in the beginning stages of developing your initial Proposal and application or have written a considerable portion of the content, this programme will help you gain important insights that will inform your approach, or allow you to refine and improve your existing content.