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College and University Students

Professional and Advanced Coaching & Mentoring Programmes, Australia-wide

We have a wide range of coaching and mentoring programmes for you to explore depending on your needs and circumstances. Mentoring tends to focus on the bigger picture of academic and career goals whereas coaching is about the achievement of very specific goals in the current study and/or work environment. In an effective mentoring programme your mentors can draw upon their experience to help you to progress. Skills Academia's coaching consultations and programmes aim to produce optimal performance and improvement in your education journey or at work. It focuses on specific skills and goals, although it may also have an impact on an individual’s personal attributes such as social interaction or confidence. Below are the list of one-on-one and group coaching and mentoring services that we provide

  • Study Skills Training, Academic Writing & Success Coaching
  • PhD Research Mentoring & Thesis Coaching
  • Data Analysis Training (NVivo & SPSS)
  • Conference Presentations & Keynote Speaking Training
  • Stress Management, Time Management & Motivation
  • Work Planning & Career Development
  • Personal Branding & Professional Development
  • Small Business / Entrepreneur Planning
  • Resume, Job Preparation & Interview Skills
  • Career Planning for PhD Students
Skills Academia is an Australian owned and operated boutique education consultancy. Our coaching and training programmes and consultations are offered in-person and by distance delivery mode, which can be accessed anywhere in Australia. You'll need internet access to use our Virtual Learning/Coaching Environment.

High School Students

Personalised Student-centred Mentoring, Coaching and Personal Development Programmes, Australia-wide

What type of undergraduate college degree is for me? How will college or TAFE prepare me for a successful career and the future of work? How can I be sure university is worth it and I’ll get a good return on investment? I have some good ideas for starting a business after finishing school. Should I work on my business ideas or continue studying? I received some guidance from school staff. Do I need some objective and personalised one-on-one coaching support to polish up my ideas and make the best possible decision? These are some of the questions that you may be asking yourself, and reaching out to Skills Academia to help you answer these questions.

Here at Skills Academia, we understand that If students don’t have the proper support, they can struggle a lot with the transition from high school to college or university. We are also fully aware that students may have multiple areas of academic interest and career aspirations that some personalised one-on-one coaching and mentoring consultations can help them in clarifying their vision, assessing alternative paths and making the most appropriate decision. Personal development coaching and career guidance help young people to reflect on their ambitions, interests, qualifications, skills and abilities. It helps them to understand the labour market and education systems and to relate this to what they know about themselves.

Academic & Personal:
  • College Transition Advisory (High School to TAFE/University/Workforce)
  • Further Education Planning (Selecting the Right Major)
  • Study Skills Coaching & Preparation for University
  • Personalised Business Lessons & Entrepreneurship Skills Development
  • Self-Esteem Training and Resilience Development (skills to endure hardship)
Employability & Professional
  • Career Guidance, Self-discovery & Planning
  • Personal & Professional Development Coaching
  • Beyond School: Skills for a Fulfilling Life
  • Soft Skills Coaching, Presentation & Appearance for Success
  • Presentation Skills & Appearance for Success Mentoring
Skills Academia is an Australian owned and operated boutique education consultancy. Although we understand the effectiveness and popularity of on-campus, on-site and in-person consultations, training and coaching programs, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have shifted most of our services to the online environment where you can participate in online sessions from the comfort of your own home or office. Where face to face and in-person consultations are the preferred methods, we will comply and follow restrictions and guidelines and deliver in-person consultations and workshops if we are allowed to do so. Your safety is our priority. For a free initial consultation phone us or email at support@skillsacademia.com.au.


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